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Dream Inside A Dream by poetrylion93

It may look like a small paino on top of the keys of big one, but there more then what meets the eyes it this photo. I love this photo....


that is awesome!
Mon Mar 30, 2015, 6:33 PM
your the best! don't let anyone say that your not!
Fri Mar 27, 2015, 3:13 PM



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Hey my name is Sanna2011, but my real name is Savanna, or you can call me Sanna.

I live in a small town in Ablerta.

Live there all my life, and I know why, but I love living here.

I have a mother, father, and a younger brat brother. (Who only nine years behind me. Don't ask)

I am only !! years old now, and no guy in my life, yet. I am not in a real hurry to get one.

I have being doing writing, and a bit of drawing for along time. Hey it is a gift, and I am going to use it.

I do a lot of fun things with my friends from Youht Group, and enjoying live the way God what me to live it.

I am the rider in my life, but God is the driver.

I love to write wonderful stories, and I might put a couple of pictures online where done.

Enjoy my stories, and art.

I will love to hear from you on what you think I should write next.

You will never know, I could make a story on your ideas.

LOL! :) Enjoy! ;p

What guy look for in a girl? 

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Journal Entry: Fri Mar 13, 2015, 8:06 PM
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I will not be writing for a while. Why you may ask, read below:

~I have been busy with my full time job, that I had for years. My boss is awhile on Medical Leave for 6 weeks, and I been busy making sure things are running right without her... So I am getting a bit stress out, and overtired when I get home from work. There a few people that cannot do their jobs without me there or in the area... I am getting ready to pull my hair out by the roots here soon. Or mostly what to hide from everyone in my own way... AKA Freezer.

~I been without a bathroom for a month now, just a working toilet is all I had in the bathroom. Now everything is coming together at once, and it is looking awesome... Painting is my job to do, and I hate painting the ceiling. The rest of painting is to do, and I love the work done in there... Soon very soon I can have my cat home, have my own bathroom back, and bath when I want too... Instead of going over to my parents place to have a shower every night, but not my late night shifts. (Don't want to wake them up late at night)... but very soon I can shower after my late nights.

~I have an appointment on Monday March 16, with a special female doctor in the city for female part problems... Maybe get off one meds I hate to be on, and see what really going on down there. Hoping to hear that I can have children in the future.

~I will be going away between April 4 to 18. Heading to LA for a trip with some family, go to have some fun, and relax a bit.

So I been very busy with things, but I will try to get a bit of writing done... but please don't rush me okay. I am already stress out enough now... After the trip, then we will see if I can do a bit more writing after everything is done and over with for good.

Peace out! 

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40 weeks hit now, Bev woke up in the morning to feeling some pain in her lower back, and knowing the pain very well. She walking to the bathroom to get ready for the day, getting a few things for today surprise, and hoping Mary and Jennifer are ready for this now. “Oh boy this is going to be fun now, better call everyone to get ready. By the end of this day, this baby will be born, and maybe two more,” she giggling to herself, rubbing her belly now, and walking out of the bathroom downstairs to the kitchen to make some breakfast now for everyone else. She was cooking away, feeling her pain hitting her even 10 minutes apart, and feeling great now during the pain.

Mary woke up to a huge pain hitting her in her belly, she sat up holding her belly in her hands, and breathing to ease the pain now. “Oh my goodness, today that day you are coming into the world,” she spoke to her belly, rubbing it with her hands, and breathing now as the pain hitting her 10 minutes apart. “I hope mom and Jennifer are ready too, and I need to be strong for Jennifer now. She will be scared going through labour and childbirth for the first time, and mom will be ready to help too. Jennifer is a strong young woman, hoping she will be great during all this time, and she was strong after being rape and being pregnant with that baby,” Mary say to herself, slowly getting up from the bed, and getting ready for the day. Mary walk out of the bedroom, to go downstairs to the kitchen, and talking to Bev about a few things.

Jennifer waking up slowly, feeling her baby moving around in her belly more, and worry that she could go into labour today. She was scared about being a mother to a rape-baby, this was all new to her, and she rubbing her belly slowly now with her hands. “I hope you can wait until it is your time when I am ready… Right now is not a good time with mom and Mary could be in labour today… Everyone need to force on them more then me, and I am not ready for the birth this baby. Please not today that all, not until I am ready to be this baby mother,” she say to herself rubbing her belly in her bed, and she frown now.

Around breakfast time, Bev was busy making breakfast for Mary, Jennifer, and herself, and feeling the labour pain was slowly growing over time. Bev giggle at the feeling, knowing the baby she carrying now was coming today, and she ready to call the mother of the baby and midwife here soon. Bev saw Mary coming into the kitchen, seeing Mary rubbing her belly, and smiling at her daughter. “Morning Mary, how are you feeling now?” Bev ask Mary, setting the table with the food, and sitting down at the table with Mary.

“Morning mom, I am been feeling some pain now… About 30 minutes apart and lasting only 30 second now… What about you?” Mary telling Bev, wanting to know how her mother was feeling now.

“About 30 minutes apart and 30 second, but a bit of minute here and there. I know this for real now, and going to call the midwives here soon. The baby mother is coming here soon for the baby birth, and she cannot wait to hold this baby sometime today,” Bev told Mary eating some food, and feeling the baby moving now in her belly.

Mary was eating her breakfast, thinking about Jennifer, and looking at Bev to asking, “What about Jennifer?… What if she goes into labour today too?… What will we do then?”

Bev looking at Mary to say, “Then we are there for her… The first time is the scary one, mostly for her, that the baby she carrying is from rape, and she going to be worry about us more then herself today… Now relax before you get some problems before your baby birth.” Bev keep on eating, then seeing Jennifer coming into the kitchen. Jennifer sat down at the table, eating some food, and looking up at her mother. “Morning Jennifer, how did you sleep last night?” Bev ask Jennifer.

Jennifer looking at Bev, and speaking without showing the bit of pain hitting her now, “Morning, I sleep okay, baby woke me a few times with its kicking, and I went back to sleep quickly then. The baby is fine, just hungry now, and so is I too.” take a bite of food, and eating now. Bev and Mary looking at each other, then at Jennifer for a second, and back at each other for a moment again. They were thinking that Jennifer is hiding something from them, but they will know in time and leaving Jennifer alone right now.

Bev was busy cleaning up from breakfast, feeling a strong contraction hitting her, she drop a plate to the floor, having it smashing quickly, and grabbing her belly with her hands. “Mary!” she called out, feeling the pain getting worse now, and feeling a small wet spot forming in her underwear now. “Oh no, this could be it… I am truly in labour now, and need to called everyone now,” she say to herself, walking to the phone to make the calls to the people.

Mary came into the kitchen, looking at Bev, seeing the wet spot on the skirt now, and knowing that Bev was in true labour now. Mary began to help Bev by rubbing the lower back of Bev with her hands, and feeling a bit of labour pain hitting her too. “It will be okay mom,” Mary say to Bev, helping Bev to the living room to the mattress on the floor, having Bev lay down on her left side, and helping Bev now. “Soon mom this will be all over in a few hours,” Mary told Bev.

Jennifer came running into the living room, the look of fear on her face, and asking, “What happen? I heard crashing from the kitchen is mom okay.” Jennifer was panic now, her heart was beating quickly in her chest, and worry about her mom health and the unborn child too.

Mary looking up at Jennifer to say, “Calm down, it is nothing but mom went into labour. Her water just broke, she ended up dropping a plate to the kitchen floor, and called everyone to come help now… She will be fine now. Labour will hard on her, but in the end she will be fine.”

Jennifer calm down by breathing in calming breathes, and saying, “I will clean up the mess in the kitchen, and I was scared that I will be lose my mom.”

Bev looking at Jennifer to say, “You will never lose me… OOOOooooOOOO!” She grasping her belly with her hands, rubbing it a bit, and calming down slowly after a minute of labour now.

Jennifer nodded her head, heading to the kitchen to clean up the mess, and thinking to herself now. She knelt down to clean up the broken plates pieces from the floor, and whispering to herself, “I hope mom labour will be okay, and not so painful. That scary seeing my mom in so much pain now, and hoping Mary will be okay too… I have no idea if I want to be around all this pain from my mom labour and birth. I wonder if I can hide in my room through out the whole thing. I cannot watch them in so much pain, and giving birth to those babies. I heard some women can go into labour together, and giving birth close together… I am not ready to be a new mother to this baby in my belly.” She finish cleaning up the mess in the kitchen, and Jennifer walk back to the living room to stop at the doorway, and watching Bev in pain now then Mary was slowly going into labour too.

Knocking at the front door, Jennifer answer the door to see three midwives, and Bev friend, the mother of the baby Bev was carrying. They stood at the front door, Jennifer move to the side to let them into the house, and feeling her belly hurting a bit more now. She hide the pain, seeing everyone heading to the living room, and deal with Mary and Bev now. Jennifer headed upstairs to her bedroom for a little nap, and trying to get away from all the pain happening to her mother and sister. Bev was on her hands and knees rocking her hips to help ease the pain, and breathing in a calm. The one midwife, Jenny, came over to help Bev, getting Bev onto her butt, knees bent and apart, and check how far Bev was now. “6 cms now, and your doing great,” she told Bev, and helping out now.

Mary midwife, Sam, check Mary to say, “Your only 5 cms now.” Mary breathing to feel her labour getting stronger now, and getting up to walk around the living room to help now. Mary went to the bathroom on the main floor, sitting on the toilet for a moment, feeling her water breaking into the toilet, and hunching over in pain with her arms around her belly. Sam came into the bathroom to help Mary, helping her calm down from the labour pain hitting her hard, and getting her back to the living room.  Mary lay on the mattress with Bev, both going through a lot of pain, but the midwives helping them.

Jennifer sat in her bedroom, she was sitting on her bed, writing in her diary, and feeling her labour growing slowly. Dear diary: Today the day now, birth day. Mary and mom went into full out blown labour, I can hear them mourning and groaning now, and it is scaring me big time. My water have not broken yet, but the pain is slowly growing now. I am not ready to become a mother to this baby, and my mind been thinking on a huge chose for my life and this baby life… I hope my family will understand my chose for this baby… Got to go Diary, see you later. Jennifer lay down on her bed on her left side, rubbing her belly, and mourning in pain. She look over on her bed table seeing some papers to fill out, and thinking about the baby inside of her now. She heard someone knocking on her bedroom door, and looking up to say, “Come in.”

The third midwife, Sanna, came into the room, seeing Jennifer laying on the bed, and rubbing her belly. “Are you okay Jennifer?” Sanna ask Jennifer walking over to the bed, sitting down on the bed, and rubbing Jennifer back with her hands.

Jennifer looking up at Sanna with tears in her eyes, and saying, “Labour sucks… the pain is so much for me.” She lay her head down on bed, tearing up in pain, and tearing up now.

Sanna looking down at Jennifer, keep on rubbing Jennifer back with her hand, looking around the bedroom, and asking Jennifer, “First time mother?” Jennifer nod her head, and breathing to calm down. “Rape baby?” seeing Jennifer nodding her head, and Sanna looking at Jennifer to say, “I been there before, but I was only 20 year old when I had my first born child.”

Jennifer looking up at Sanna, sitting up in her bed, and looking at Sanna to say, “Really? You had a rape baby?… What happen to your baby?” She was in shock to hearing what Sanna was telling her, and feeling her baby moving inside the belly.

Sanna sat on the bed, turning to look at Jennifer, then speaking, “Yes I had a rape baby… I gave it up to a great family… I was 20 year old, in college, and not ready to become a new mom to a baby.”

“You gave your baby up to another family?” Jennifer ask in shock to hear that happening to Sanna.

“Yes, and everyday I wish I never did it… I wanted to see my child grow up, teach my child things, and see what she will look like now… That was 5 years ago when she was born… Oh coarse I was scared when I went into labour and give birth to my daughter… I never got to hold her in my arms, the doctor took her away as soon as she was born, and I never forget that day… Jennifer don’t do what I did, give up something so wonderful in your life, and even if the baby is from rape. Don’t live in the fear of this baby is a from rape, just live to teach this baby what life is now, and love it,” Sanna told Jennifer, being there for Jennifer for now, and timing the labour pain now of Jennifer. “Jennifer can I check to see how far you are now?” she ask Jennifer.

“Sure,” Jennifer say lending back on her pillows, bent her knees, and slowly spread her legs apart slowly.

Sanna check Jennifer, and saying, “4 cms now, and your water did not break. Your doing great now, Jennifer, but do you want to be with your mother and sister now?” Seeing Jennifer shaking her head, and keep on speaking, “Your scared to see them in pain?” Seeing Jennifer nodding her head, Sanna wrap her arms around Jennifer body, and saying, “It is okay to be scared, but you need to be there for them. They will love to see you there to help or watch. I will be here for you, and if your baby decide it is come into this world today. Then I am here to help you giving birth along with your family beside you, and it will be okay for everything. If anything go wrong, we will get you to the hospital quickly, and all you need to do is stay calm and relax okay. When your ready to push, go with your body, and try hard not scream at all.” Jennifer was calming down, Sanna took Jennifer downstairs when Jennifer over an hour later, and being there for Jennifer now.

Hours later, night was setting, Bev was on her hands and knees, naked, rocking her hips to help ease the pain, and Jenny helping now. She check Bev a few minutes later, and saying to Bev, “Your sitting 9 cms now, almost there Bev.”

“Ya, almost over,” Bev joke now, hearing everyone laughing now, and she stay calm now. She look at Jennifer to see pain on Jennifer face, and asking, “How are feeling now? Come here to be with mommy.”

Jennifer got up from the couch, walking over to Bev, sitting down on the mattress, looking at her mom, and saying, “I am a bit scared now… My labour is getting worse now, my water has not broken now, and I am not ready to be a mom now.” Tears filled her eyes, and rolling down her cheeks now.

Bev sat on the mattress, wrapping her arms around Jennifer, and saying, “I know sweetheart, but your doing well now.” Kissing Jennifer on the forehead, breathing through her pain now, and helping Jennifer now.

Mary was check by Sam, and Sam saying to Mary, “8 cms now.” Mary smiling, breathing through the pain now, and knowing her baby will be coming soon in a few hours.

Jennifer got up to go get some water from the kitchen, she was drinking the water now, stopping quickly, hearing water hitting the kitchen floor, feel pressure being release now from her belly, and a huge pain hitting her. Jennifer drop her glass of water to the floor, grabbing her belly with hands, and screaming in pain. Sanna came running into the kitchen, seeing Sanna hunch over in pain, seeing the puddle of water on the floor, and seeing Jennifer very scared now. “Help me, my water broken now,” Jennifer told Sanna with tears in her eyes.

Sanna came over to help Jennifer, taking Jennifer in her arms, walking her back to the living room, and checking Jennifer now. “7 cms now,” Sanna told Jennifer, smiling now to help Jennifer calm down.

Jennifer wanted to scream in pain, but she was more scared then in pain. Bev held Jennifer hand, being the caring mother now, and feeling the pain growing more on herself. “Don’t be afraid Jennifer,” Bev told Jennifer with a smile on her face.

“Mom the pain,” Jennifer say to Bev in tears, and feeling the pain getting worse now.

“I know sweetly, just breath, and be here no matter what,” Bev told Jennifer, and rubbing Jennifer belly with her hand. Jennifer calm down a bit, knowing Bev and Mary will be with her no matter what, and she felt safe now.

An hour later, Bev felt the urge to push coming over her, she sat on the mattress with a pad under her butt, her husband supporting her from behind, knees bent, and legs apart. “I need to push now,” Bev told Jenny, pushing with the urges now, and feeling the baby moving inside of her.

Jenny got ready to help, seeing a bit of the baby head appearing in Bev opening in a teardrop now, and saying to Bev, “The head is coming now… You will not take very long with you, being you gave birth many times, and this will be easy for you.” Jenny putting on gloves, getting between Bev legs, and watching the baby head coming more now as Bev pushing. Bev friend watch from behind Jenny, smiling to see the baby coming into world now, and hoping nothing goes wrong with the birth now.

Bev pushing feeling the baby head crowning fully, she was feeling burning feeling now, she letting out a small scream of pain from her mouth, and saying, “I totally forgot this part being the most painful part.” She breathing to help ease the pain now, and panting the head out slowly. Jennifer  looking down to see the baby head coming out Bev vagina, seeing her mother being in pain, and Jennifer was getting scared now as her labour pain was getting closer together now. Bev baby head coming out fully, water coming out a bit from the baby mouth, and turning to side for the shoulders to come now. Bev giving a push with a huge urge hitting her, as the shoulders coming out into Jenny hands, and the baby letting out a huge cry of life. Bev looking down as she breathing heavily, smiling at the sex of the baby, and seeing her friend in tears of joys that her child was here now. “It’s a boy,” Bev told her friend, seeing Jenny cleaning up the baby boy, tied the cord and cut it, and wrapping the baby up in a nice warm blanket. Jenny pass the baby boy to Bev friend, she was smiling to see her son in her arms, and sitting down in a chair as Jenny deal with Bev now after giving birth.

Jennifer sat there breathing through some pain hitting her, and did not believe that she watch her mother giving birth. “Whoa,” she saying laying down on the mattress beside her mother, and feeling her mother wrap her arms around Jennifer body now. That help ease the pain, and being scared of everything happening to her.

An hour later, Mary was on her hands and knees on the mattress over top of a pad, and pushing now. “Oh boy,” she saying feeling the baby moving down inside her body now. Sam helping Mary, rubbing Mary back, putting on some gloves, and watching the baby butt showing up now.

“It is breech,” Sam told Mary, and hearing Mary swearing now. “All you need to do is push a bit harder now.” Rubbing some oil around Mary pussy to help the birth a bit more.

Mary pushing hard with the urges, placing her head on the couch, screaming into the bottom of the couch, and feeling the baby butt coming out more. Mary groaning in pain, pushing with everything she had to get the baby out, and she felt her husband rubbing her back now. She felt the lower body coming out slowly, she felt the baby legs dropping out of her, and Mary breathing now. She look over to see Jennifer watching, smiling, and saying, “It is okay, some babies likes to come out backwards. This one decide to come butt first, its like saying to the world ‘Kiss my butt’.” Mary giggling before pushing again to move the upper body of the baby, the arms of the baby hanging out, and after a huge pushing the baby head pop out fully. “Whoa that done,” Mary saying looking down to see Sam passing a wet crying baby, and seeing the sex of the baby. “I got another son,” Mary say to everyone, and Sam help clean everything up. Mary lay down on her mattress with her husband behind her getting to know their new son.

Jennifer lay there on her mattress with her mother helping her, she started to shake of the fear of birthing her baby, and thinking about the chose she had for her baby. She lay there with her mother rubbing her belly as the labour pain getting worse now, and she wanted to scream in pain so badly. “Mom, I have to tell you something,” Jennifer say to Bev, with tears in her eyes.

“What is it Jennifer?” Bev ask looking at her daughter in her arms, and thinking what Jennifer has to tell her.

Jennifer sat up on the mattress, looking at Bev to say sadly, “I am thinking of putting the baby up to a better family. I have the paper work mostly filled out, and still have time to think about it.” She rubbing her belly, feeling the pain getting worse now, and spreading her legs apart now to feel comfortable now.

Bev sat up with Jennifer, looking at Jennifer in shock, then saying, “Jennifer, it is your chose for this baby… But if you do it, you will have to live without knowing what your baby will be like or look… Right now force on the birth of this baby, and finger out what will happen next for it.”

Jennifer nodding her head, feeling the urge to push coming over her, and she pushing a bit to feel the baby moving inside of her body. “Mom the baby is coming now, I can feel it,” Jennifer saying to Bev, then seeing Sanna coming over to feel the baby head moving now.

“Your ready to give birth to this baby,” Sanna told Jennifer getting ready to catch the baby now.

“No I am not ready to give birth or become a mother,” Jennifer crying now, tears falling from her eyes, and pushing with the urges now. She feeling the baby moving into the opening a bit, slowly stretching her opening, and Jennifer whimpering in pain. Bev wrap her arms around Jennifer shoulders, holding her, and Jennifer breathing through the pain now. Jennifer pushing with the urges hitting her more, feeling her opening stretching slowly in pain, she groaning in pain, and laying her head on her mother shoulder. After a long time pushing the baby head starting to crowning fully, and Jennifer starting to cry now. “Oh my goodness, this is hurting so much now,” she saying to everyone, and she reaching down to touch the top of baby head with her fingers. “Whoa this is for real?” she was in shock feeling the baby head and the hair now. Sanna smiling at Jennifer, helping Jennifer now, and Sanna looking at Jennifer with a calm look on her face. Jennifer started to panting now, she felt the baby forehead, eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth, ears, and chin coming out fully. Jennifer lay her head down on her mother shoulder breathing now, knowing the baby will be born here soon, and feeling the turn of the baby inside of her. “Am I doing good now?” she ask Bev and Sanna too.

Sanna looks up for a moment, supporting the baby head in her hands, and saying, “Your doing great once the shoulders comes out along with everything else. You be holding your baby in no time.”

Bev looks down at Jennifer, kissing Jennifer forehead, and saying, “Your doing great my dear daughter.”

Jennifer nodded feeling the urge to push coming out her, pushing now, and after a few good pushes. Her baby was born letting out a huge cry of life, Sanna went to work cleaning everything up, and passing Jennifer the baby. Jennifer was a bit nervous to hold the baby, but seeing her mother and Sanna smiling at her, and taking the baby in her arms. Jennifer smiling at the baby in her arms, and saying, “Hello my little one.” She looking under the blanket, and seeing the baby sex. “It’s a girl… I have a daughter.” She smiling holding her daughter in her arms, and smiling to see a healthy baby looking at her. “I am your mommy, and I am not giving you up no matter what,” Jennifer saying to the baby girl.

Everyone got close together for a photo, all the girls holding their babies in their arms, and all look like they went through hell to bring their babies into the world. They did not care what they look, cover in sweat, hair mess up, but all of them smiling of joy to have newest members of the family into the world now. All the girls had to get use to their babies now, Bev friend was very happy to be a mother now to a son, she name him Roger, after her great grandfather. She was happy to see Bev looking great now, happy that Bev did this for her, and very happy to have a family now. Mary name her little guy after her husband grandfather Max, Rick love being a big brother to Max. Jennifer was thinking hard on a name and one came to her mind, Zelda, because she wanted to be different.

A month later:

Dear Diary:
Roger is a good baby to my friend, she happy to a new mother, and she love showing photos of him. I just smiling at them, mostly his huge smiles now, and he growing big now… I have started Menopause now, everything is over for me, and I am done with children and female monthly problems… My husband still enjoy having fun with me in bed, that still going good for me, and I am enjoy life now… I am happy to help a friend in need, giving a children to them, they enjoy being family now, and I enjoy helping them. Being Roger godmother too, he enjoy playing with me, when he having some bad day, he fallen asleep in my arms then. He growing up to be a great guy, he love his family, every family has there ups and downs here and there, but they enjoying it now. I told them that love is stronger then anything, and they are learning too.
I keep in touch with Mary, she seem to be doing okay now with Max, and she love Rick helping her too. Mary husband helping her out with taking care of Rick, and Mary love her family getting use to the newest member of their family.
Jennifer living with me until she go off to college again to finish up her course, but she doing great. It took time to get use to being a new mother, and she has her rough time too… The chose for Zelda is her own, and I told her that I will be there on her chose. I told her that I can take care of Zelda when she go back to college, Jennifer told me she will think about it.
Well got to go now Diary, it has been a crazy times for everyone.

Dear Diary:
Max has been a great baby, he never cry very much want he hungry or dirty diapers. Max sleeping a lot at first, now he looking around to see the world, and love his big brother Rick. Rick been a great big brother and mommy helper, he pass me diapers, bottles, and helping me with Max now. He watching Max sleep in the swing, playing with him, snuggling, and hugs and kisses too. There great love between them, and they will be a best friends ever. We will see what will happen years down the road if they will still be in love between them or the fighting began. I will see what will happen in the years to come. Everyone is doing good, husband helping me out a lot too with Rick and Max too. Now Max is smiling too, he has a cute smile that lit up anyone world, and we are now a great family. We cannot forget what happen that night mom, Jennifer, and I gave birth the same day, hours apart, and seeing Jennifer being strong as she went through as a first time mother.
Keep in touch with Bev and Jennifer, everything is going okay with them. Jennifer is getting use of becoming a mother now, and thank goodness mom with her to help now. Things have been up and down for Jennifer, she has the hardest thing to do in her mind, and after one thing that happen. She still going through a lot of things, and she being strong now.
Got a go Diary, and it have been busy time for me now with number two being here.

Dear Diary:
What a life now, it has been up and down big time, and I have to get use to being a mother to Zelda. I am lucky to having my mother with me, mostly living at home until I start College in the months to come. She been a great help with Zelda, giving a bit of help here and there, and she gave me a break here and there so I can clean up or eat. I do love my daughter very much, wanting to make sure she doing great, growing up with a lot of love, and the best things in her life.
I had a rough time with Zelda in the first week of her life, I was scared to lose her for good. She needed up getting very sick quickly, she was stuck in the hospital for two weeks to get better. She needed up with a worse case of the flu or something, she was not keeping anything down, she was crying in pain all the time, and red marks showing up on her body mostly on her belly. I never lay a hand on my daughter to hurt her. It turn out she had an allergies to a cream I was using on her, and yes the flu too. I change the cream for her, she looking better, she can keep down food, and settle down with me. I had in trouble with Social Services for the marks on her body, her being in the hospital for two weeks, and they wanted to take my daughter away from me… Those papers I had to sign to give her up for a better life, I did not sign them at all, but Social Services has the right to take her away if they want to. I took the papers in my hands, ripping them up in front of them, throw them out of my life, and told them she staying with me… They never been around ever since I rip those papers up, I never realize it was all a trick to give her up, because she a rape baby. My daughter is awesome, I never see her father in her at all, she beautiful in all her ways, and she going to grow up knowing right and wrong. She my little angel from heaven, even if she put me through a lot of pain during labour and birth, but it was all that hard work to bring a wonderful child in my life.
I am luckily to have a great family to help me, Mary help me by calling me to keep in touch with everything, and it is nice to have a big sister to keep me happy in just talking. Mom helping by showing me to be a good mom to Zelda, and she great to have around to point out the wrong things I have done. Like putting a diaper on backwards that first time, that was stupid of me for doing that to Zelda, hey it was a middle of the night and I was tired. Mom never had to wake me up to take care of Zelda, I always got myself up to do it, and being a good mother to my daughter.
Zelda love her snuggles with me, more mom-daughter time alone, and she smiling more too. She has the most pretty little smile too, and those eyes are so light blue too. I called her my little angel or little star, she learning to keep her head up a bit, but she love to fallen asleep on my chest in the rocking chair. I humming her songs to put her sleep or calm her down from having a bad day. She calm down after a few minutes of snuggles, but sometimes I need my mom help to finger out why she not stop crying. Luckily my mom knows what Zelda needs, that how we found out she was very sick, and I was scared when she went silent quiet from chocking on her throw up. My mom help me to clean out her mouth of the throw up, getting her to the hospital quickly, and staying with me to keep me calm during Zelda exam. I am now a mother to my daughter, and she love me too.
I hope the rest of my life with my daughter goes great, and she will learn the best things in her life. See you later Diary, Zelda hungry again, and bet diaper change too. I love this time of being a mother now, and like they say ‘Mother work is never done.’

The end.


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What guy look for in a girl? 

8 deviants said Girls are all beautiful in their own way.
2 deviants said My own idea. (comment below then)
1 deviant said All these above
No deviants said 1. Skinny Body
No deviants said 2. Huge Breast
No deviants said 3. Model (rich)
No deviants said 4. Huge Butt
No deviants said 5. Tight clothes
No deviants said 6. Like to Spend money on everything
No deviants said Too many to pick from. (Then do the numbers)



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