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Dream Inside A Dream by poetrylion93

It may look like a small paino on top of the keys of big one, but there more then what meets the eyes it this photo. I love this photo....


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  • Mood: Astonished
I am going to be gone for the next three days...

Leaving Thursday night and come back Saturday afternoon...

Going to have some fun in the city with my brother and whole bunch of youth...

This is going to be fun trying to sleep at night that it... 

They get a bit weird at night...

See you all there...

Peace out!


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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Hey my name is Sanna2011, but my real name is Savanna, or you can call me Sanna.

I live in a small town in Ablerta.

Live there all my life, and I know why, but I love living here.

I have a mother, father, and a younger brat brother. (Who only nine years behind me. Don't ask)

I am only !! years old now, and no guy in my life, yet. I am not in a real hurry to get one.

I have being doing writing, and a bit of drawing for along time. Hey it is a gift, and I am going to use it.

I do a lot of fun things with my friends from Youht Group, and enjoying live the way God what me to live it.

I am the rider in my life, but God is the driver.

I love to write wonderful stories, and I might put a couple of pictures online where done.

Enjoy my stories, and art.

I will love to hear from you on what you think I should write next.

You will never know, I could make a story on your ideas.

LOL! :) Enjoy! ;p


  • Mood: Astonished
I am going to be gone for the next three days...

Leaving Thursday night and come back Saturday afternoon...

Going to have some fun in the city with my brother and whole bunch of youth...

This is going to be fun trying to sleep at night that it... 

They get a bit weird at night...

See you all there...

Peace out!

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In November, a 5’ 10” tall white skin man, hazel eyes, and dirty blonde short hair. His heart-shaped face with bushy eyebrows look over the city from his penthouse suit on top of skyscraper.  His six-packed abs hidden under his business-like color with boldly coloured, he push up his contact glasses back up his nose, and he chuckled an evil laugh as his mind was going over a great plan. He was always egotistical and nervous, eccentric, evil and neurotic guy. Vincent Grey look down at his watch seeing it was time to find his target subject for his greatest test of all time. He headed to the club to find his target now, and hoping he will find her to put his test in progress. Vincent headed to the club in his limo, pulling up in front of the club, getting out of his limo, heading into the club as VIP, and he looking around the club to see all the hot chick around. He smiled evilly, heading to the VIP area in the club, and sitting down in a big chair. He spotted his target, a young beautiful woman on the other side of the room with her friends talking and laughing together.

A young 5’ 6” tall olive skin woman, skinny, grey eyes, and healthy shoulder length spiky brown hair. Her square face and big eyes, and her clothes are usually dark but she light them a lighter color. She has a distinctive birthmark on her upper lip, and her voice a notable. She wear a sapphire ring on her right hand, from her late grandma as a gift before she died. She was outgoing, family-oriented, impatient and adaptable, and stylish. Everyone find her attractive over her sweet job as fashion runaway model. Lindsay Crowe sat there talking to her friends, she spotted Vincent across the room, she smiled at him, seeing him hiding behind a newspaper, she giggled at his action, and talking to her friends for a moment longer. She got up from her sit, walking over the bar, and grabbing a drink. She looking over at Vincent, she smiling at him, walking over to him, and asking him nicely, “Hello is that seat taking?”

Vincent looking up from his newspaper, looking at Lindsay hot body, and saying with nervous a bit in his voice, “No… you can sit there.”

Lindsay sat down in the chair beside Vincent, she slipping on her drink, and talking to Vincent, “I seen you here a few times and wondering why a cute guy like you here alone?”

Vincent looking at Lindsay hot body, then saying to her, “I never find the girl to be with me… Your so hot, and I will like to know you more.” Vincent smiling sweetly at her, using his charm on Lindsay, and looking into her eyes sweetly. He talking to be so charming voice, placing a hand on Lindsay upper leg, rubbing her leg with his hand, and making her blush more.

Lindsay blushing a bit, setting her drink down on the table, and could not speak for a covering her face with her hands. “I never had a sweet guy tell me such sweet things,” Lindsay saying with her hands on her face.

Vincent put some pills into Lindsay drink, sitting back in his seat, and saying to her, “Your such a great runaway model, I seen. How about we go back to my place for some more drinks and fun.”

Lindsay drinking her drink, feeling funny now, she did not feel right, and saying to Vincent, “Sure I am… to… hang out with… you… Lets go… Have some fun together.” Vincent taking Lindsay in his arms, helping her to his limo, and heading back to his place. He enter the penthouse suit with Lindsay drunken in his arms, and kissing Lindsay lips.

Lindsay rubbing Vincent chest with her hands, keeping her lips against Vincent lips, and slowly taking off her clothes. Helping Vincent taking off his clothes, as they headed to the master bedroom, and laying on the bed kissing each other like wild animals. “Your so sexy like a wild animal, and I love that from you,” Lindsay saying to Vincent laying on her back on the bed naked now.

Vincent looking down at Lindsay naked body, his naked body over her, and grinning down at her. He kissing her lips more, then saying to her, “I will be right back my love, then we can have some fun together.” He got off Lindsay, heading out of the room for a moment, coming back with a needle in his hands, and looking at it. He walking up to Lindsay, kneeling over top of her, slowly insert into Lindsay belly, and putting the needle off to the side on the bed table. He slowly insert his penis into Lindsay vagina, and feeling her tight for now. “Oh, I am your first one for sex, and you just lost your virginity now. Welcome to the greatest of having sex all the time,” Vincent saying to Lindsay kissing the side of her neck, as he slowly moving his body to make his huge penis inside of Lindsay. His body slowly getting hot and sweaty over their time together making everlasting love in his bed.

Lindsay laying on the bed, wide eyes and mouth as she feeling her body moving to Vincent sex moves, and she was so drunk from that drink. “Oh my goodness,” she thinking to herself, her body could not move at all, and wanting to scream for help and in pain from losing her virginity.

Vincent grunting as he speeding up big time, and after an hour of hardcore sex he cum inside of Lindsay body. “OH YES!” He yelled letting out his sperms from his huge penis, and feeling in powerful now. He keep on going letting his sperm swimming in Lindsay body, slowly pulling out of Lindsay body, and looking down at Lindsay with his penis hanging down in front of him. “Your all my, and pregnant with my babies now… We will see it the test is good or not… After all I am a mad scientist.”

Lindsay eyes widen more as her body cover in sweat from the heat from her body, and cum oozing from her vagina opening. “You’re a mad scientist,” Lindsay saying in out of breath voice, trying to move, but could not because of the pills from her drink.

“Oh yes, and you’re my test subject on a speeding pregnancy… In 5 months, you will having my babies,” Vincent told Lindsay kissing her on the lips, and resting beside her on his bed.

Lindsay lay there thinking to herself, “I hope there only one baby that it.” She slowly fallen beside Vincent knowing she was screw now becoming pregnant with Vincent baby or babies now.

The first few days Lindsay was having morning sickness now, and after a few testes to confirmed that Lindsay was now pregnant with his baby or babies for now. Vincent keeping notes on her progress now, and smiling at Lindsay now. Lindsay sat in the chair in the living room, seeing a small tiny bump forming now, and sighing with a frown on her face. Vincent looking over at Lindsay to say, “You can still model the clothes… I got a friend in pregnant clothes fashion and looking for a model. You can still make money, and you know once the test is done. You can chose to leave or not?”

Lindsay looking at Vincent to say, “I am happy to know I can still model, even if I am pregnant with your baby or babies… I will take the job for the money.” Smiling a bit, and thinking about the future for now to leave or not once the baby or babies are born.

Vincent making some food for them, and bring some tea to Lindsay. “Now calm down, you are still beautiful, and you got a pretty pregnant glow now,” Vincent saying to Lindsay, slipping on his tea, and seeing Lindsay looking down at her tea weird. “Don’t worry I did not drug it.”

Lindsay slipping on her tea, it was nice and warm, and saying to him, “Thank-you for the tea.” She keep on drinking her tea, and relaxing now in the chair. Her mind was on the health of the baby or babies growing inside of her, and hoping the short pregnancy will not hurt the baby or babies. She slowly lifting her shirt up, slowly touching her small tiny belly with her fingers, and feeling it hard under her fingers. She let out a sigh knowing this will be still be a long pregnancy, no matter how long a woman get pregnant.

A few weeks later, late November-early December, Lindsay belly growing slowly, and Vincent keep track of Lindsay pregnancy. Vincent could not stop staring at Lindsay beauty, his heart was always beating quickly in his chest, and his face blush every time she looks at him. He was enjoying Lindsay being pregnant with the baby or babies, and today was the day they find out how many babies Lindsay is carrying now. Vincent took Lindsay to doctor office he know very good, entering the office for the ultrasound now, and Lindsay was worry now. Lindsay lay down on the table, pulling up her shirt, as the doctor place the ultrasound gel on her belly, and moving the wand around to get the photo of how many babies Lindsay could be carrying now. “Okay, I see baby A … baby B… Your have twins. I cannot see anymore babies in there,” the male doctor saying to them, and cleaning up the gel from Lindsay belly.

“YES TWINS!” Vincent cheering, jumping for joy, and happy that he going to be a father to twins now. Plus the babies are doing good inside of Lindsay too, and the twins have a strong heart beats.

Lindsay smiled a bit, as she sitting up from the table, pulling her shirt down over the belly, and more in shock that she going to have twins now. “I cannot believe it,” Lindsay saying to herself, and rubbing her belly as she felt a few movements now from the twins.

Vincent looking at Lindsay to see she was not happy at all, and asking her, “What wrong Lindsay?”

Lindsay sat there on the bed, looking down at the tiny bump she had now, and saying to him, “I cannot believe I am going to have twins that it.” She got to her feet, walking over to Vincent, and taking his hand into her hand. “I guess your going to be a daddy over time now,” Lindsay told Vincent with a small smiled on her face, and she started to blush a bit in her cheeks.

Vincent looking down at Lindsay, seeing her cheeks red, and asking in a worry voice, “Are you okay?… You’re a bit red in your face now.”

“It is okay, lets go home,” Lindsay saying to him, letting go of his hand, and walking to the door of the room to leave. She heading to the car in the parking lot after booking another appointment, and Vincent following her after talking to the male doctor about a few things. Lindsay sat in the back seat of the limo, thinking about the twins and her heart beating quickly when she around Vincent. Lindsay did not need a doctor to know she was falling in love with Vincent now, and sighing at the thought he use her for his test on the quickly pregnancy. She lend her head back on the seat, looking up at the limo roof, and sighing as she heard the door opening as Vincent entering the limo now. It was a quiet ride home as Vincent and Lindsay stay in their own thoughts on their own things.

January, Lindsay belly was slowly grown bigger as the twins growing healthy inside of her. Lindsay stood in the living room window, looking down at the city below, she rubbing her belly with her hands, and feeling the twins moving around more now. Vincent watching from the couch, seeing her beautiful being pregnant with his twins, and his heart beating quickly in his cheat now. He felt his face getting warm from blushing in his cheek, he realize that after doing many tests on himself last time he felt this way around Lindsay, that is was in love. Lindsay knew she was falling in love with Vincent, but knowing he will leave her after the twins are born. She was ready to become a single parent, after Vincent leave her, and thinking if she should give up the twins after they are born. “Lindsay,” Vincent saying behind Lindsay still sitting on the couch,

Lindsay turn around to looks at Vincent, and asking in a confuse voice, “Yes?”

“Can I feel your belly?” Vincent asking Lindsay with a bit of nervousness in his voice, moving his hands together more as he want to feel his children in her belly, and feeling big time nervous now that he was shaking.

Lindsay saw Vincent shaking hands, she taking his hands in her hands, and placing them on her belly. The babies moving and kicking his hands, Lindsay looking down at Vincent with a smile on her face. “Can you feeling them?” she ask him nicely, seeing Vincent nodding her head, and kissing the top of his head. “They are happy to feel you, and they can hear your voice a bit too,” she told Vincent, sitting down beside Vincent on the couch, touching Vincent hands with her hands, and feeling the baby moving too.

“They are strong,” Vincent telling Lindsay feeling the strong kick coming from Lindsay belly.

“They are strong, and getting bigger over time,” Lindsay told Vincent with a smile on her face, sitting there with Vincent, they feeling and talking to the babies.

Valentines day came, Vincent woke up before Lindsay, he slowly sat up in the bed, looking over Lindsay sleeping with her huge belly in the air, and smiling at her. He slowly got out of bed, getting dress, and heading to the kitchen to make Lindsay a great breakfast. He was thinking today was the day he was going to tell Lindsay how he really feel, and hope she will not go into labour early. He starting making the breakfast, he was cooking the food in the kitchen, and the smell moving around the place. Lindsay can smell the food being made, she sitting up in the bed, slowly opening her eyes, and saying, “Yummy.” She got out of bed, waddling to the kitchen in her nightgown, and seeing Vincent making breakfast in the kitchen. She was giggling to see him in an apron, and food all over the place for a moment.

Vincent turn around with pancakes in his hands, seeing Lindsay standing there looking at him, and saying to her, “Um… Morning Lindsay… Sit down, and eat for the babies to grow.” He set down the plate of pancakes on the table, quickly taking off the apron, throwing it to the side on the floor, and pulling out a chair at the table for Lindsay. “Sit down,” he say to her nicely.

“Thank-you,” Lindsay saying to Vincent sitting down in the chair, and Vincent pushing in the chair for her.

“Your welcome,” Vincent saying to Lindsay, sitting down in his chair, and smiling at her. “Eat Lindsay, this is all for you too,” Vincent telling Lindsay pointing to the food on the table, and trying hard to keep his nervousness down.

Lindsay taking a bite of food, and saying to Vincent, “Yummy, this great food, and the babies love it too… You’re a great cook.” Eating more food, and the babies enjoying the food too.

Vincent looking over at Lindsay, trying to get the strength to say what he want to say to Lindsay. “Lindsay,” he started to talk now. Lindsay raise her head, looking at him, and then Vincent came out with it, “Lindsay, when I saw you in the club that night in November, I thought you where the most sexy woman I ever met… I am sorry for using you in my test on the short pregnancy… Slowly over time, seeing you model those pregnancy clothes for my friend… Well I seen you have glow over time, and seeing your belly growing with the twins… Well I starting to feeling weird, after doing some test, and doing some fingering… I found out that I am falling in love with you… Lindsay, I love you.”

Lindsay stop eating for a moment, she was in shock, and saying softly, “Vincent… I have no idea what to say… But I am falling in love with you… I forgive you for getting me pregnant, but your at my side during this pregnancy… I love you too.” Pushing her chair a bit out, and rubbing her belly with her hands.

Vincent got up from his chair, walking over to Lindsay chair, taking her hands in his hands, helping her out of her chair, and standing in front of her. He lend down slowly to Lindsay face, Lindsay reach up to Vincent face, and their lips met in the middle. They stood there kissing every other, and the babies dancing around inside Lindsay womb. They let go of each other lips, looking into other eyes, and Vincent smiling down at her. “Thanks for forgiving me for doing this to you,” Vincent saying to Lindsay, rubbing Lindsay belly with his hands. That day was a great day for them, Vincent made that day special for Lindsay and the babies. Most the big special was Vincent showing Lindsay the babies room, Lindsay knew Vincent wanted the babies and her in his life.

March 3, Lindsay was trying nap on the couch, she was not feeling well at all. She moaning quietly under her breath, and rubbing her belly with her hands. Vincent was getting worry about Lindsay and the babies health, and calling his doctor friend to finger out if Lindsay and the babies health. “Lindsay how badly is you belly hurting you?” Vincent asking Lindsay holding the phone to ear.

“Every 10 minutes, it feel like something stabbing me with tiny knifes, and I want to scream in pain,” Lindsay telling Vincent feeling a sharp pain hitting her belly, and she slam her head back on the pillow. She scream in pain, holding her belly with her hands, and trying hard to breath to ease the pain.

Vincent listening to his doctor over the phone, and asking Lindsay one big time question, “Has your water broken anytime today or last night?”

“No,” Lindsay saying to Vincent, then feeling her pants and underwear getting wet now. “Um… make that a yes now.”

Vincent told his friend that they their on way now. Vincent hung up the phone, helping Lindsay to his car, grabbing the hospital, and heading there with Lindsay in the front seat. “Hang on love,” Vincent say to Lindsay, driving quickly as his can now, and Lindsay keep on moaning and groaning as the labour increase now.

They arrive at the hospital, Vincent carry Lindsay in his arms into the hospital, and seeing a team of nurses coming to help them to the upstairs delivery room. Vincent lay Lindsay down on the bed, Lindsay grab Vincent shirt with her left hand, and looking up at him with wide eye. “Honey, I think this is it… They are coming into the world,” Lindsay telling him feeling something was not right now with her body. “I think, I need to push now,” Lindsay saying to Vincent feeling the urges hitting her now.

“Hold it a bit longer, let the nurses take off your underwear and pants first love,” Vincent told Lindsay, helping Lindsay breathing to calm, and rubbing her forehead with a cold cloth one nurses gave him.

Lindsay held it in a bit longer, seeing the nurses taking off her pants and underwear, they set things up for the twins birth, and the doctor entering the room. Lindsay set her feet on the bed, spreading her legs apart now, knees bend, and she showing her vagina opening to everyone. “I need to push now!” Lindsay screaming in pain, feeling the urges to push hitting her hard now, and wanting to push now.

The male doctor got himself ready to delivery the twins, standing at the end of the bed in-between Lindsay legs, and saying to her, “Okay Lindsay, you can push now.” He stood there with his hands ready to catch the babies.

Lindsay pushing with the next urge hitting her, she felt the first baby moving down inside of her, and feeling her opening slowly stretching as the baby A head slowly emerging now. Lindsay panting a bit, she pushing a bit more with the urge, and the baby head starting to crown more. Lindsay felt the burning feeling as her opening skin stretching as the baby head fitting now. “I cannot stand the pain now… It feel like my vagina opening burning now,” Lindsay saying in pain, feeling the baby head coming out a bit more as he panting now. She grab Vincent shirt, holding it in her hands tight , and she moaning in pain now. She felt the baby head coming out full, sitting in the doctor hands, and the doctor checking for a cord around the baby neck. He nodding his head to Lindsay to tell her to push when she can, and seeing the small baby head in his hands. Vincent looking down at the baby head in the doctor hands, smiling as he seeing Lindsay pushing now. The baby turning to the side to make room for the shoulders, with Lindsay pushing the baby slowly coming out of her. “Finally… One down one more to go,” Lindsay telling Vincent breathing heavily now, and her body cover in sweat now. She hearing the sound of new life crying between her legs, seeing the doctor working on the baby cord, and taking the baby away to clean up.

A six pound baby girl was getting wrap up in a warm blanket, and Vincent looking at his daughter for a moment in the small crib. “Lorelai is her name,” Vincent told the nurses, and seeing her nicely and healthy.

Lindsay felt the urge to push coming her again, she pushing again, and feeling the second baby coming out a bit quickly the first one. “Vincent, baby two is coming now,” Lindsay yelled at Vincent feeling the baby head coming out now, and she panting quickly.

Vincent return to Lindsay side, looking down to see baby two head in the doctor hands, and seeing one thing around the baby neck. “The cord is around the baby neck,” Vincent told Lindsay, watching the doctor doing his work to remove the cord from the baby neck. The baby face was blue now, as Lindsay pushing with the urges hitting her, and the rest of the baby coming out quickly. The doctor work on the cord, and passing the baby to nurses.

The baby rush to the side to be work on, and Lindsay looking at Vincent to ask, “Is the baby two okay?”

Vincent looking over at the small baby trying to breath now, then a few minutes later the baby let out a cry, and Vincent looking down Lindsay to say, “I think baby two is doing fine now.”

The doctor finish up with Lindsay, cleaning up Lindsay area after she pass the afterbirth, and looking over at baby two off the side. Then the baby two was rush to the INCU quickly, the doctor looking at Vincent and Lindsay, and telling him, “Your son weight five pounds, but he a bit sick… Don’t worry he will be okay over time… He having a bit hard time breathing on his own, he got some swelling around his neck from the cord… He will be fine.”

Vincent and Lindsay looking at each other, then back at the doctor, and Lindsay spoke to the doctor, “His name is Damion.” The doctor nodding his head, as the paperwork for the twins births, and everything else.

Lindsay and Vincent sat there looking at their daughter in the crib, Vincent could not believe his test work now, and he writing down his work. “Lindsay, how are feeling still?” he ask writing down the word Lindsay told him.

“I am still a bit sore, but overall I think this test work out great in the end,” Lindsay told Vincent with a smile on her face, and blowing a kiss to him.

A few days later, the twins was ready to go home, Lindsay was happy to go home too, and Vincent could not wait to take his new family home to start a new life now. “Be careful dear,” Vincent say to Lindsay helping her into the penthouse with his son in the car seat, and Lindsay taking their daughter car seat.

“I am fine,” Lindsay saying to Vincent, kissing him on the cheek, and smiling at him. “Your nothing but a worry sport, and everything is okay.”

“I know, but I want to make sure our children are okay, and nothing will hurt them,” Vincent say nervously setting the son car seat down on the table, and looking at Damion sleeping in there.

Lindsay set Lorelai car seat on the table too, and looking at her daughter sleeping in there. Lindsay looking at Vincent, kissing him on the lips, and saying, “Everything will be fine… We are going to learn together on how to be great parents to our children.”

Vincent calm down a bit, then saying, “Your right, and maybe my nervous will calm down over the years to come.”

“Just stay calm for them, and we can be nervousness together,” Lindsay saying looking at her twins sleeping now. Thinking about the future together as a family.

The end.
Mad Scientist Twins!
shadhardblogger request.
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I got double tag from persephone-almana and vaega-turlim.

The problem I have no OC to do these tags... SO I will do it about me... Sorry, and no tags at the end.

*What is you name?
Savanna Lynn MacPhee

*Why are you named that?
My mom like a movie back then called "Savanna Smiled" and the middle name is because.

*What's your favorite food?
I love all types of food, but nothing too hot or spicy.

*Favorite youtuber?
I have too many, but:
Many more

*What is your favorite type of underwear?
Um... Boxer or high waist.

*Are you in a relationship?
Sadly still single

*If you were a transformer what side would you be on? 


*Are you in school?

Nope, been out for years, but thinking of going back to College.

*How old are you?


*Favorite video game?

Wii sport

*FavTV show?

too many

*TV shows you hate?

Stupid cartoons now a days

*Favorite sport?

Running, skiing, skating, cross training, and so much more.

*When is your birthday?

June 9

*If you had one day left what would you do?

Blow up the Government for screwing people over... JK... No, I will reflect over my life, and think how good and bad it was that it.

*Final question are you a transformer?!?!?


*10 facts about me:
1. Live in the same town all my life.
2. Have ADD and a few Learning Problems.
3. Does not take big change very well.
4. Love being active as a kid.
5. Have Depression and Anxiety.
6. Well love back on the horse to ride again, after losing my grandfather at an early age.
7. Nine years differences between my little brother and I.
8. Have my own house and car.
9. Full time job at a job for 8 years now.
10. Love writing as a hobby all my life.

Not tagging anyone in this stuff.

Peace out! 

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“Mission control,” a female astronaut speaking into the mic with nervous in her voice, and seeing Mission control looking back at her on a video screen.

“Yes Ashley?… Are you having any problems up there?” female Mission control asking Ashley over the speaker, and wondering if things are okay up in Space.

Ashley sat in the chair with the seat belt around her waist, and saying with more nervous in her voice, “The test came back positive… I am pregnant with a baby now.”

“Whoa, that was quicker then everyone was thinking,” Mission control told Ashley in shock. “So Mark and you had sex… How did you two do it?” Mission control wanting to know how Ashley got the sperms into her body in zero gravity.

Ashley blushing a bit, then saying, “Well upside in zero gravity is all I am saying for now.”

“Whoa that is so cool,” Mission control saying, lending toward the screen, and wanting to know more. “How far along do you think you are?” writing down the info Ashley was about to give her, to give to the sciences people to track everything, and the boss to know the test is going good now.  

Ashley looking at her pages that she track her monthly gift, and saying to Mission Control, “About a month by my books… I miss this month, so I know I am pregnant… Plus morning sickness in space is not fun at all, and that one big way I knew I was pregnant too.” Ashley was thinking in the back of her mind, hoping the baby will be okay, and still alive when they enter back to Earth after the birth.

“Okay then, keep track of everything, and anything go wrong call us… Your up there with Mark, and he will take good care of you and the baby… Don’t worry about anything, just enjoy going to me a mother over the months to come,” Mission Control saying to Ashley smiling at her, and happy to know that Ashley is going to have a baby in out of space.

“Ya, and I will keep track of everything from now on… Talk to you later, over and out,” Ashley saying to Mission Control, and smiling a bit.

“Talk to you later… Over and out,” Mission control say to Ashley, and shutting off the video massager.  

Mark floated up behind Ashley, wrapping his arms around Ashley shoulders, and kissing her on the cheek. “Your going to be okay,” he say to her, and holding her as he floated a bit behind her.

Ashley undo the seatbelt, moving out of Mark arms, and floated up in the zero gravity air. Turning around to face Mark, kissing him back on the lips, and saying, “I know, I am going to be okay as long as I have you in my life.” She floating around the station on her back for a bit, and touching her lower belly. She thinking about her unborn baby now, and hoping everything will work out for baby now.

Mark came up to her, rubbing her back with his hands, behind her, and saying, “Nothing will happen to our baby, and I am here for the both of you.”

Ashley turn around, looking down at Mark to say, “I know, but what will happen when we return back to Earth… What will happen to the baby?… It will be born in zero gravity in space, when we return to Earth with gravity, and what if the baby dies entering Earth or landing… It could stop breathing from all the pressure on its chest… I am wonder when we return.”

Mark gave Ashley a peak on the lips, and saying, “Everything will be okay when we return to Earth with the baby… I will be with you no matter what happens.”

“I know, and that why I love so much.. I never marry you because you so handsome and crazy, because you so sweet and crazy… We are in in space to do this test that a baby can be born in space and survive on Earth… I’m with you all the way now,” Ashley say to Mark snuggling with him as they floated together.

Three months later; Ashley started to see a small bump forming in her lower body. She touch it with her fingers, feeling it hard with a baby developing, and smiling now. Mark smiling at her, seeing the pregnant glow on Ashley face, and saying to her, “Ready to see our baby the first time.” Ready to do an ultrasound now, and floating there a bit. Ashley nodding her head, floating over to him, lifting up her shirt, and seeing Mark putting the gel on her small bump. Mark move the ward around on her bump, and finding the baby in there. “There it is, our baby, and its growing nice now.”

Ashley saw the tiny baby on the screen, tearing up in her eyes, and so happy to see it was doing okay now. “I cannot believe that our baby in there,” she say trying hard not to cry with joy.

Mark looking at the screen for a moment, then at Ashley, and saying, “I know, and it is doing good now.” Kissing her lips, shutting off the screen after a few photos and a video to send back to Earth. Mark wipe off the gel from Ashley belly, watching her pulled down her shirt, and smiling at her. “We are going to be parents in six month now, and I cannot wait,” he say to her holding her in his arms.

Ashley bury her face into Mark chest, tearing up with joy and hormones, and sniffing a bit. “I cannot wait, it is looking so tiny right now… I am happy it is surviving now,” she saying to Mark lifting her head up to look at Mark.

Mark kiss Ashley on the forehead, and saying to her. “I know, and I cannot wait to see it growing more over the months now.” He floating around with Ashley in his arms, and both looking out the windows at the awesome of space now.

Three months later; Ashley belly grow more now, and the baby starting to move around inside of Ashley. Ashley enjoy of the movements now, Mark enjoy feeling the baby kicking his hand, and happy the baby was growing well now. “Mission Control, did you get the our report on the baby?” Mark asking sitting in the chair with the seatbelt around his waist.

“Yep we did, and the baby is so cute… I cannot believe how much more this baby is looking and growing more over the months now… The heartbeat is so strong now, Ashley is looking great too, and we cannot wait to see and hear more from you two… How are you doing now?” Mission Control asking Mark thinking about the father now.

“I am a bit nervous of coming a father at first, but now… I cannot wait to see our baby… Ashley is still a bit on coming back to Earth with the baby… She does not want this baby to died at all,” Mark saying to Mission Control, looking over to see Ashley floating around with her hands on her belly, and giggling at the baby kicking and moving around inside of her. “I am very happy that Ashley is here with me, and this test in Space is going great now… She forcing more the growth of the baby, and thanks for all the food brought up before we came up… Ashley is enjoying all the food, even the cravings hitting her, and the baby love ringing the cord for more food… I better get back to Ashley, talk you all later… Over and out.”

“Good to hear from you all, and talk to you all later… Over and out,” Mission control saying as the video turn off.

Mark sat in the chair, letting out a sigh, and closed his eyes for a moment. Ashley floated over to him, wrapping her arms around his shoulders, and kissing his cheek. “You’re a great father now, and love you with all my heart and soul,” she say to him, and smiling at him.

Mark took off the belt, floating off the chair, turning around to face Ashley, and looking at her. He touch her belly, feeling the baby moving around now, and smiling at Ashley. “I cannot wait to see our baby, and I am happy to see that your doing great now… I love you with all my heart and soul,” Mark saying to Ashley, kissing her lips, and holding her in his arms.

“Ya, but the baby playing with my bladder is not cool now,” Ashley saying to Mark, giggling now.

“That why our water level is high now,” Mark joking to Ashley, and laughing a bit. Then feeling Ashley hitting his right shoulder with his hand, and smiling at her. “You know I was joking honey.”

“I know, but still your being bad,” Ashley saying to Mark with frown on her face.

Mark took Ashley face in his hands, looking into her eyes, and saying nicely, “I love you okay. I know you are going to bathroom a lot due to the baby, and everything is normal in her okay.”

“I know, but I hate these crazy hormones that it… Mood swings are not cool during any pregnancy,” Ashley telling Mark with her mood changing quickly from happy to sad and back again.

“I know your mood swings is bad no matter what, but I am here for you and the baby,” Mark told Ashley as they floated around in the station. “Now how about we going to bed right now,” Mark telling Ashley and seeing Ashley getting tired now. They floated over to their beds, helping Ashley into her bed, and getting into his bed beside her. “Night my love,” Mark smiling at Ashley as they sleep upright, and having a good night rest now.

Three months later; “Mission control,” Mark saying to Mission in his chair, looking at the screen in the early morning.

“Mission Control, What will like to know Mark?” Mission control asking Mark, knowing something was not right by the way Mark was looking on his face.

“Ashley went into Labour right now, her water broke a few minutes ago… We are looking at the baby being born during this day,” Mark told Mission Control hearing Ashley moaning in pain now behind him. “I need to go here soon, we will keep you all in connect now, and video is all live,” Mark told Mission control, and going to be with Ashley now. He make sure all the cameras are all set up for this birth of this baby. Mission Control watching now,  hearing everything, and keeping track now. They cannot believe this was really happening now, the first baby born in space.

Ashley moaning and groaning in pain, the labour pain was getting worse now, and yelling for Mark, “Mark help me.” She was crying in pain feeling labours getting worse now, and floating with her arms around her belly.

Mark going over to Ashley, wrapping his arms around Ashley body, and calming her down. “It is okay Ashley, I am here for you, and just breath slowly and calming,” he told Ashley, helping Ashley out of her suit, and removing her underwear to make her more comfy now.

“I cannot do this any more… Why they never sent us the meds to help ease the labour pain now?” Ashley crying in Mark arms, and trying to calm down by her breathing now.

“I know, but this will going to a non-med birth. Now taking a deep breath in, and letting it out slowly,” Mark told Ashley helping her ease the pain now, and rubbing her lower back to help too.

“OOOOooooOOOOO!” Ashley moaning in pain, floating with Mark, feeling the pain getting worse over time now. “I wish labour can be more easy on a woman body,” Ashley saying to Mark as the pain ease away now, and holding Mark suit with both of her hands to breathing now.

“Your doing great now,” Mark saying to Ashley rubbing her back with his hands, and helping the best he can.

12 hours later; Ashley felt the baby dropping more down inside of her as she floating around a bit on her back with her hands on her belly. She felt the urge to push coming over her, she move her legs apart, she pushing a bit, and feeling baby moving now. “Mark it is time!” She shouting, pushing with the urging floating around now, and feeling her vagina opening slowly stretching now at the baby slowly coming out.

Mark came over to Ashley as fast as he can, getting between her legs, and seeing a small part of the baby showing up in her opening. “Whoa this it honey our baby is coming now,” Mark told her rubbing her legs with his hands, and waiting now as the camera on his chest record the birth to mission control now.

Ashley place her feet on Mark shoulders, breathing to help ease a bit of the pain, and pushing with the urges. Ashley felt the baby slowly coming out of her, and feeling something was not right, and looking at Mark to ask, “What way the baby is coming out?” feeling the baby coming out more, and it does not feel right.

Mark looking down at Ashley opening, and seeing the baby foot coming out now. “Um, honey the baby is coming out breech,” Mark saying to Ashley not worrying now.

Ashley pushing now to feeling baby coming out more, and swearing up a storm now. “Please be okay baby,” she whisper to herself, rubbing her belly with her hands, and pushing more.

Mark watch the baby slowly coming out, the one leg coming out, follow by the other leg and lower body next. Ashley floated with Mark with the baby lower half hanging out of her, and she trying hard not to scream in pain. Mission Control was more in shock to see the baby coming out backwards, and hoping everything will okay now. Mark support the baby in his hands, helping Ashley the best he can, and watching more of the baby coming out as Ashley pushing more. “It is almost done honey,” Mark saying to Ashley with a huge smile on his face.

Ashley grunting as she pushing, feeling the baby upper half coming out more, then with one finally push the baby head coming fully. “I cannot believe this is over,” Ashley saying, moving a bit to see the baby crying in Mark arms. She took the baby into her arms, rubbing the baby back with her hands, and after a few scary minutes the baby began to cry. “Thank goodness the baby is okay now,” Ashley saying to Mark, and seeing Mark work on the cord. They wrap the baby up into a warm blanket, the baby snuggle onto Ashley chest, and sucking on her breast. Ashley pushing out the afterbirth into bowel, Mark making sure everything was okay, and the baby was happy to be with its family.

“WHAT DID YOU TWO HAVE?” Mission Control shouted with happy now, and wanting to know the sex of the baby.

“We have a baby boy,” Ashley saying to Mission Control, and happy the baby was good health now.

Cheering came over from mission control, and Mark kiss Ashley on the lips. They floated together with the baby in Ashley arms. “How about Ryan for him?” Mark saying to Ashley looking down at his son in Ashley arms.

“That a good name for him,” Ashley saying to Mark, and looking down her son sleeping in her arms. They got to enjoy some time with their son, as Mission Control enjoying the test came back okay now, and waiting for them to come back to Earth in a few days.

A few days later, the Spaceship came to get them, they make sure everything was alright now, and leaving the space station with Ryan now. Ashley held Ryan in her arms, entering the ship, getting ready to leave now, and lay Ryan in a special seat for Ryan to come back to Earth now. The ship left the station after the new crew drop off with everything they need now, and the driver of ship took Mark, Ashley, and Ryan back to Earth. Ashley was a bit worry about Ryan coming to Earth, and hoping he will be okay now. Ashley looking over at Ryan for a moment, as the ship re-enter the Earth now. They sat back for re-entering now, the force of the ship re-entering, and everything was going well. They land the ship on the runaway, slowing down to stop, and Ashley look over to see Ryan still sleeping. He was still breathing, knowing anything is okay with Ryan, and getting ready to leave the ship. Ashley took Ryan in her arms, walking slowly walking out of the ship, and seeing a hold bunch of people ready to report this news. Mark and Ashley try to shield their eyes from the lights from the cameras from the reports. Ryan sleeping in Ashley, and breathing okay for now. They answer all their questions, then leaving to go the doctor office to make sure everything is okay with themselves, and mostly Ryan. Ashley and Mark was finish with their check-up, they wait for any news on Ryan, and getting worry now. After a while, the doctor came out, telling them Ryan is nice and health, and they can see him.

Ashley and Mark took Ryan home to enjoy being new parents, and happy to be home on Earth now. The test was great, nothing went wrong at all, and made it home safe to be a family now. “Never again I want to give birth in space,” Ashley saying to Mark walking into the house with Ryan in her arms.

“Why?” Mark asking Ashley walking beside her, and entering the house.

“It was still painful,” Ashley told Mark, heading to Ryan room, and looking inside at what her family did for Ryan now. “Plus I miss out making this room the way I want it for our child,” Ashley told Ryan, setting Ryan in the crib, and watching him sleeping now.

“I know, but it must have been fun floating around and not having a lot of weight on your body,” Mark saying to Ashley looking down at his son.

“That was only, but I cannot believe I had an eight pound baby in space,” Ashley told Mark with a smile on her face, and happy everything was okay now.

“I love you,” Mark saying to Ashley kissing her kiss.

“I love you too,” Ashley saying kissing him back on the cheek.

The end.
Space Station Delivery!
flamestrike365 request before his birthday coming up.
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Halloween is in a few days, and I get to help with the haunted house now..
This year, it is held in the Real Haunted Hotel downtown...Yes, really haunted.

I get to scary the crap out of people, and taken donations at the door for a bit.

Hope you all have a great Halloween, and see you all next time.

Peace out.

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