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Dream Inside A Dream by poetrylion93

It may look like a small paino on top of the keys of big one, but there more then what meets the eyes it this photo. I love this photo....


I love the shoutbox so much.
Wed Apr 29, 2015, 7:47 PM
that is awesome!
Mon Mar 30, 2015, 6:33 PM
your the best! don't let anyone say that your not!
Fri Mar 27, 2015, 3:13 PM



April Finn and Max Sawyer was so happy about their vacation down in Arizona, because right now in Toronto was freezing cold winter, and down was nice and hot for them. “Are you ready?” Max ask April standing by the front door with his suitcase in his hands. “The shuttle bus will be here soon, and we cannot be late to catch our flight to Arizona for this awesome vacation.” He checking his cell phone to see a text from the driver that he will be there soon.

“Coming,” April calling out from the bedroom, coming out of the room with her suitcase, and walking down the hallway to Max. “I hate that I grain all this weight. None of my bikinis are fitting me, I have buy a swimsuit, and I don‘t like it,” she saying to Max frowning to him, and having her bottom lip sticking out a bit. She hate graining some weight, not knowing way she grain a bit of weight, but she still look healthily.

Max hug April in his arms, and saying to her, “Hey your still my pretties girlfriend ever, and you know this weight can be from all the stress you have been under for the last few months. I seen you eating not right those months, and you did not grain that much weight around your belly and butt.” Kissing her on the lips, and hearing the shuttle bus pulling up. “We better get going, and you know I still love you from the bottom of my heart. Lets go enjoy this warm Vacation away from this frozen land.” They left the house, entering the bus, and riding to the airport.

Once at the airport, they check in their bags, going through the gates, and waiting by the gate. April and Max grad a bite to eat before the plane coming to get them, and Max was making April laughing with his funny face with two fries as teeth. “Stop that,” April saying laughing so hate now.

“I knew that will cheer you up,” Max saying to April eating the fries, and smiling at her sweetly.

“Well it work,” April telling Max, and eating her food.

After a long wait at the airport, they loaded onto the plane, and taking off to Arizona. April lay her head on Max shoulder looking out the window of the plane at the clouds passing by the plane, she smiled that they leaving a cold winter behind them, and happy they getting somewhere warm for a while. Max kiss on top of April head, smiling at her, and they watch a movie on the plane. April try to keep her stomach down from acting up, sometimes she get a bit motion sick a bit on rough plane rides, and this one was a bit rough here and there. “Oooo,’ April saying looking down at the floor for a moment.

Max rubbing her back, and saying, “It is okay love. This has been a bit of rough plane ride, and your doing great.”

“I know it is rough, but I wish this feeling go away here soon,” she saying to Max feeling the plane hitting a rough spot, and she wanting to throw up big time. Max pass her a bag encase, rubbing her back with his hand, asking someone for a cold cloth to put on the back of her neck, and once he got it putting the cloth on the back of April neck. “Thanks love that feels good,” April saying to Max starting to feel better a bit now.

“Your welcome love, and you take it easy for now,” Max told April kissing her cheek, and cuddling with her on the plane. The plane was noise too with a lot of children running around, and screaming at the top of their lungs. Max cover April ears to make sure she get some rest, but it was not working with two children kicking the back of  their seats, and not being nice to anyone. April moan and groan a bit, she felt better in Max arms, and hearing parents yelling at their children to stop it. Those children never stop the whole trip, Max got April some earplugs, seeing April putting them into her ears, and trying to rest now the best she can. Max made should she was comfy the best he can, and those children behind them never stop.

The plane landed at the Arizona Airport, Max and April exit the plane slowly, and Max holding April hand as they went to pick up their suitcases downstairs. Max got a rent-car for them, heading to a great hotel, and Max loaded up the car with all their stuff. April sat in the front passenger seat of the car, looking a bit pale, and once Max  enter the driver side of the car. He looks at April to ask, “Honey are feeling okay? Are you having your monthly gift or getting sick from the rough plane ride?”

April looking at Max to say, “I have my monthly gift a week ago, and this is from the plane ride.” April moan a bit, laying her head back on the seat, smiling that they made it, and looking at Max with a smile on her face. “Lets get to our hotel to chill out then,” she spoke still looking a bit pale in her face.

“Okay love,” Max saying as he drove along the roads to the hotel, reaching over to take April left hand in his right hand, and smiling at her for a quick moment. He pulled into the hotel parking lot, stopping at the front door of the hotel, and running inside to get the room key. Coming back out to , getting the suitcases, and helping April to the hotel lobby, and going to park the car in a parking spot. April sit down in a chair to relax for now, seeing Max coming back into the hotel, and helping her up to the room, top floor on the 15th floor.

Once in the room, April went to the bathroom, ending up throwing up, and feeling sick now. Max listening to April being sick, frowning a bit, and making some tea to help easy her stomach. Seeing April cleaning up, exiting the bathroom looking so sick, and holding the cup of tea to her. April took the tea, slipping on it, and looking at Max to say, “Thank-you love.” She walking over to the couch to sit down, setting the cup of tea on the coffee table, and looking at Max. “I am sorry love the way I am feeling now.”

Max sat down beside her, taking April into his arms, and saying to her, “No love, your just having a bad moment. You were very sick on the plane, the children on the plane was not helping you feeling, and I am just happy that your going to get better here soon. I think we need some relax time after the plane ride, and I seen they have a pool. Why don’t we get our swimsuits on and heading to pool to relax?”

April looking at Max, and saying to him, “That sounds nice for now.” She got up slowly, looking through her suitcase, finding her swimsuit, and heading the bathroom to put it on. She came out a few minutes later, frowning at Max on the way she looking now, and Max whistle at her. “Your asking for some brownie points are you?” she ask him.

“Hey I think you look sexy no matter what you look like. You can weight 500 pound or more, and I will still love you. You can be skin and bones, and I will still love you. I love you what lays on the inside your heart, and that what I fallen in love with forever. Now wait here, I will be ready in a few minutes, and your still have a sexy ass,” Max told her grabbing her butt a bit, kissing her on the lips, and heading to the bathroom to get dress. He came out in his swim-trunk, seeing April looking at him with a sexy look on her face, and he say to her, “Looks who looking for brownie points now.” Grabbing a shirt to wear to got downstairs with April wearing one too, they heading downstairs to the outside pool, but it comes inside too, and April looking at it nice. They took off their shirts, hitting the water, Max saw a waterslide, heading to it, and going up the stairs. April knows he a big kid still, watching Max going down the slide, and hitting the water in a huge splash. April giggling at Max coming up to her, and kissing her on the lips. “That was fun, once your feeling better, we can enjoy the pool fun toys together. How are you feeling now?” Max ask April nicely.

“I am doing okay, and feeling a bit better just being in the water. Lets wait a day or two to see how I will be feeling then. I will beat you on the driving broad, and slides,” she told Max, kissing him on the lips, and wrapping her arms around his neck.

“We will see then,” Max told April, floating April on his stomach as he lay back on his back, and making sure April was feeling okay in the pool.

After an hour of being in the pool, they headed back upstairs to their room, and getting ready for supper at the hotel restaurant. April and Max putting on some clean clothes, heading downstairs to the restaurant, and sitting at the table for two. April order some soup to help her feel better, Max order some fish &chirps, and both order water to drink. Max looking over at April seeing a bit of color coming back to her cheeks, and smiling at her. April looking at Max to say, “Love you.”

“Love you too, and happy to see some color coming back to your cheeks,” Max told April seeing her blush a bit in her cheeks, and smiling at her. “Your still pretty from the first day I met you, and I cannot believe it has been five years we have been together,” he told her seeing the food coming to the table, and they both eat their meals. After the bill was pay, they headed upstairs to their room, getting ready for bed, and going to sleep for a good night together.

They where having some fun around Arizona, April was feeling a bit better here and there, Max was getting worry that April could got heat stroke, and looking at April being in pain now around her belly and lower back. “Honey we should go to the hospital to get you check out,” Max say to April, rubbing her back with his hands, as she lay on the bed clinch a pillow in her arms as she lay on her left side.

“No I am fine,” April wined to Max, feeling a huge cramp hitting her, as she bury her face into the pillow to scream in pain, and breathing through the pain. “I proudly got some food poison or the flu,” April told Max as she feeling the pain coming and going through her body.

“Okay but if the pain gets worse here soon, we are going to the hospital right away,” Max told April as he rubbing her back more with his hands, and worry that April was getting very sick now.

A few hours later, Max was taking April to the hospital in the car. April was still in pain, moaning and groaning more, and April feeling like someone ripping herself apart on the inside. Max got to the hospital, helping April into the hospital in his arms, and calling out for help. It was late at the night, a few nurses came running up to them, Max explaining the whole thing to the nurses, and heading to a room they show them. Max lay April on the bed, the nurses checking her over, asking a few questions, and doing some tests on her. April lay on the bed in a hospital grown, rubbing her lower belly, feeling something moving inside of her that causing more pain on her body, and wanted to scream in pain. The ER doctor coming into the room, looking at April and Max then ask, “Do you two have sex together?”

Max looking at the Doctor to say, “Yes we are the only ones to have sex with… Now tell me what is wrong with my girlfriend?” Hearing April moaning more, and seeing her in pain now.

“Well do you think she could be pregnant?” Doctor asking Max, watching April being in pain, and seeing April body cover in sweat now.

“She had her monthly gift a week ago,” Max told the Doctor, then thinking to himself, and ask the Doctor, “Why are you asking?”

Doctor had an ultrasound machine coming into the room, lifting up April grown, putting some gel on her belly, and turning on the machine to show a photo of a full-term baby on the scene. “She nine months pregnant, and in labour now,” Doctor told Max and April, shutting everything off, cleaning the gel off April belly, and checking how far April was now. Before he could check, April water broke all over the bed, and April was in shock. Doctor checking to see how far April was in her labour, and saying to April, “Your 8 cms now, baby head is down prefect, and in an hour you will be holding this baby in your arms.”

April and Max looking at each other in shock that they about to be parents in an hour or more. April began to cry, and saying to Max, “I am sorry Max. I never knew about being pregnant with this baby, and having no check-ups or meds for the baby health. I am a bad mother already, not knowing I was pregnant with this baby.”

Max wipe away from April eyes, and saying to her, “It is okay April, I heard about this type of pregnancy, and you been doing okay. We will see how the baby health will be once it is born, and now lets get through this part of life. I am here for you, and your going great now.” Max wiping April forehead with a cold cloth, and helping her through her breathing to ease the pain of labour.

An hour later, April was getting ready to push, she set her feet on the bed, her butt down on the bed, and legs spread apart to get ready to push. “Oh my goodness this is it,” April told Max, the nurses, and Doctor getting ready to push, and pushing the best she can. She could feel the baby moving down inside of her, and realize she about to be a mother here soon.

Max held April right hand with his left hand, and feeling April squeezing his left hand hard. He felt his hand slowly hurting from the squeezing, and he looking down to see April area bulging with the baby head sitting in there. “Whoa this is cool,” Max told April and looking back at her to say, “Your doing great honey, I can see the baby head coming now.”

April felt her pussy opening slowly to a teardrop shape, she groaning in pain, asking the nurses for some pain-killers, but she was too far along now. April moaning in pain that she can feel herself tearing apart slowly, pushing to feel the baby head starting to come out more, then slowly slipping back in a bit, and April started to cry. “It does not want to come out,” April crying in pain, then feeling Max hugging her, and kiss her forehead.

“Your doing great love, soon this will be over,” Max telling April, seeing how much pain she was in now, and wiping her forehead with a cloth.

April pushing as hard as she can, feeling the baby head starting to crown now, sitting in her opening a bit, not fully crown now. April look down at a mirror that the nurses set up at the end of the bed, seeing part of the baby head, and seeing the hair the baby has now. “Our child has hair,” She say to Max with a small smile coming to her face, before an urge coming over her. She grit her teeth together, screaming in pain a bit, “AAAAAaaaaAAAAAAaaaa!” She feeling her skin stretching down there, seeing the baby head fully crowning now in her opening, and looking at Max to say, “Oh my goodness this is huge time pain now… I feel like someone lighting my area on fire.”

“That normal April, just pant when you feel the urges to push,” the Doctor telling April looking up for a moment from between her legs, and back down at the baby head crown now.

April starting to panting now, feeling the baby head starting to move slowly, she look at the mirror to see the forehead, eyebrows, ears, eyes, nose, mouth, and chin coming out fully after awhile. Once the head comes out fully, April lay back a bit on the bed to breath, and saying, “Oh my goodness that the tough part.”

“That is the tough one in childbirth all the time, and your luckily there no cord around the baby neck. The baby is turning to the side nicely, and when you feel that urge to push hitting you, push with it,” Doctor told April supporting the baby head in his hands, and knowing that April was in the last part of giving birth to this baby now.

April pushing when the urges hitting her, seeing the baby coming out half way with one push, and one last push the rest of the baby came out into the world. April collapse back onto the pillow, hearing nothing coming from the baby right now. “What is wrong with my baby?” April ask in an out of breath.

The Doctor tied and cut the cord of the baby, taking the baby off to the side to clean out the airway, and trying to get the baby to breath. One nurse and him work on the baby, about to give up on hope, when the baby started to cry loudly, and both the Doctor and Nurse look at each other now in shock. The nurse weight, do a check over, wrap the baby up in a warm blanket, and pass the baby to April. “Congrats it is a baby girl,” the nurse told April and Max seeing April holding the baby in her arms.

“Hello little one, I am your daddy,” Max say to the baby girl, seeing the baby girl looking at him, and seeing the blue eyes.

“Hello little one, I am your mommy, and you gave us a good scared there,” April saying to the baby girl in her arms, and saying the name, “Jayce is her name.”

“Prefect name for her,” Max saying to April, kissing April on the lips, then whispering, “Marry me?”

“What?” April ask looking at him confuse.

Getting one on one knee, opening up a small ring box, and asking, “I know this is not very romance place to ask this question, but I was going to ask you sometime on this trip… You have given me the greatest gift of all times, and I want to send the rest of our lives together… So April Finn, will you marry me?” Opening up the box to show a ring sitting in there.

April mouth drop to the floor, and she answer with tears in her eyes, “Oh my goodness yes I will marry you.” She watch max put on the ring on her left ring finger, and she looking down at Jayce to say, “Mommy and daddy are going to get marry, when you’re a bit bigger.” April smiling at her new family now, and staying a few nights in the hospital with Jayce.

A few days later, they going home with one more person. Jayce sleep the whole way home on the plane, and this plane ride was much easy on them. Once home everyone was in shock that April had a baby on the trip, Max and April told the story to their family, and April showing the ring that Max gave her in marriage. Everyone was very happy Jayce was nice and healthy, and April and Max are getting marry. Over all it was a great trip story, April not knowing she was pregnant with Jayce, and having a baby on the trip.

The end.
Mid-Winter Vacation Surprise!
shadhardblogger gave me this idea along time ago. I finally get around to it with all the problems I been having with my allergies.

Do you hate Allergy Season?
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BACK from hospital, just bad allergies that all.
Heading to the Hospital now... not getting any better.


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